About me

Hello my name is Tracy Clark and I am from Wiltshire UK...
The Beginning

About ten years ago I was introduced to  Internet radio by a friend called Dave Collins to a station called Radio Gets Wild. He was a DJ there and  he  encouraged me to just listen and join the community there. After Listening to the station for a few months and  frequenting their chat room I got to  know  quite a lot of the DJ's there and be good friends with them.
After a few months I decided I would like to try my hand at Internet broadcasting  and I applied to be a DJ there.  After being Set up with a Mp3 broadcast player and encoders I practiced on my own for a few weeks before going out on air for the first time as DJ Bluelotus.

At the time the station was doing their yearly Marathon and I managed to get thrown in the deep end and do my debut show during this event.  Lord I was so nervous I was shaking all over.

After a few shows the nervousness started to disappear and I started growing in confidence.  Starting off doing my weekly show on a  Friday evening at 6.00pm until 8.00pm.  Soon I was doing shows to cover for absent  DJ's and also A Rock Show on a Saturday Morning. When one day  an opening for a prime time slot at 10.00pm on a Monday became available I decided to try something different.  Now I love rock but I have two sides I am also a very big romantic and one of the inspirations I used to create my new show was Peter Grahams  "Love show" on a Sunday Evening On Breeze radio.  So I decided my new show would be a love songs show and I called it "The Love  Zone ". From the very  first show It  became popular.  Meanwhile I had taken on a role on another station called City Vibe Radio which unfortunately does not exist any more.  The Show was Called " Sunday  Love songs " which was very popular on that station too.  That first year I won the silver Presenters award for my shows and also The DJ Of the year award from City Vibes affiliate station A.Q.H. Radio Based in Singapore where the show was also aired live to the university Campus. The following year I won the Gold Presenters award on RGW for my contribution to the station with my  shows I also set up new presenters and  helped with the  web  page by  submitting all the  RSS feeds  for various Genres of  music interest, While  doing artist reviews and also doing much cover for absent Presenters and Dj's.  This was all getting a little too much for me as working full time too I was up until the early hours of the  morning doing all this I was shattered.

Deciding i was going to leave and have a rest it was suggested to me by  a fellow presenter to start our own station and give it a go. We designed a website and asked our  radio friends if they would care to do shows on our station, we decided on a name it was Razor Radio and our slogan thought of  by myself was  "Razor Radio Music with an Edge"  as a few months went  by we were growing  well in popularity, our sponsor who provided us with web hosting " Fusion_uk" George suggested we have a listen to his friend John peters, This led to john becoming a presenter on Razor Radio.

John did a lot for  Razor Radio with support and helping us with paying the two licences after our stream provider was found to have been ripping us off with the extra money we were paying, for PPL and PRS licence cover, we found out that they did not have the blanket licence needed to cover our  broadcasts, and so we ended up having to pay back dated licence fees of wich we had paid these stream people for in the first place.

A Life changing event came one sunday afternoon when the buisiness partner that started Razor off with me decided he was going to have some sort of  mental breakdown and told me he was transfering the licences over to my name and he didnt want the station any more.

To  be  continued…….